Kweli on Rachel Dolezal; She’s… “Our Enemy”


At this point, the news of Washington State based NAACP head Rachel Dolezal has spread across the world, sparking heated debates and downright outrage. I won’t completely rehash the story, but Rachel, a Caucasian woman, has been passing herself off as black with many questionable instances regarding her true intentions.

Over the past week a few key members of the hip hop community voiced their opinions including Killer Mike and Questlove. Today Talib Kweli took an opportunity to share his thoughts with Rolling Stone. His comments summed up, pointed out that despite her efforts to substantiate her actions or deceitfulness, she is wrong and clearly not on “our” side.

“When you lie; when you’re saying your adopted brother is your son; when you’re suing Howard one year for saying you’re too white, then saying people hung nooses at your door the next year – that’s crossing the line. You’re not a friend or an ally to the movement. You’re an enemy. Maybe you’re not as dangerous an enemy as killer cops, but you’re not down with us at all.” – Talib Kweli

SOURCE: Rolling Stone