New Mary J. Blige – Not Loving You

It may be over a month until Christmas and not even a week before Thanksgiving, but if you want to get in the Christmas and holiday spirit then, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige’s latest record, Not Loving You, is just for you. As with a week till the release (it releases a week ahead of the U.S. release in the U.K.) of her new album, The London Sessions, MJB’s latest teaser from the album is one of those more old-school emotional soulful ballads we are used to from her that with its soft piano chords and chants, sounds like a beautiful Christmas or holiday record to get you in that feel-good spirit of the holidays and you can hear being sung so beautifully on Christmas day in church. Especially with how beautifully she sings the end of it and shows off her powerful vocals. The song, which is co-written by Sam Smith, who also co-wrote a majority of the album with the R&B/Soul legend is also obviously about preaching self love to a struggling lover, as you would think from the title of it.