New Dubb – My Day

Av8ers emcee, Dubb, is back for another Monday with new music to get the week started right with the weekly tracks he has been giving us for the past month or two plus leading up until the release of his new project, Perfect Timing, later this year. Over the keys, strings and trumpets of the smooth Cy Fyre, Trumpet Dude and B Ham co-produced track, My Day, the South Central emcee shows once again why when it comes to that motivational and inspiring music that he’s not only among the best in Hip-Hop, but across any genre. As he rhymes about all the stressful days and dues he paid to get to where he is at now, so he can get his day of celebrating his success with all his fam and those that helped him get through it. Definitely a great inspiring and motovional track to get the work week started right and show everyone that no matter how big your dreams and aspirations are in your life, you can get through them and have your “own day” despite all the struggles, hardships and stressful days you have to go through a lot of times to get there. How a lot of us can really relate to a lot of things like that with Dubb through his music is why I think the Blood Money emcee’s fanbase has been growing at such a rapid pace lately and is also a huge reason why he’s not only one of my favorite emcees, but artists period right now.