New Video BJ The Chicago Kid – Real Love Never Dies

For awhile we didn’t get any new solo material from fellow Chicago native and very talented R&B/Soul singer BJ The Chicago Kid, but it all looks like that’s changing now and he must have a new project on the horizon. As today the Motown Records signee drops his third new record within the last month with the very soulful new demo, Real Love Never Dies, which he released as a loosie earlier today and is a dedication to James Brown’s classic “King Heroin” poem (must be a James Brown type of day, as this is the second record to use type of sample from the Godfather of Soul today). Jerome D. directs the in-studio visuals for the record, which BJ along with his band goes off topic from the originals subject matter to give us a very nice more traditional ballad that really shows off his amazing and unique vocals once again that I’m sure the Godfather of Soul would be proud of despite the changes. It also make me really proud to know somebody else from my hometown of Chicago with such an amazing soulfully unique and talented voice, who is really making moves in the music or entertainment industry.

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