New Video Cam’Ron & A-Trak – Dips*ts feat. Juelz Santana

May 14th already marked a glorious day of one legendary New York emcee, Cam’ron and the height of his Dipset crew with the release of his Roc-A-Fella Records debut album, Come Home With Me, which was released 12 years ago today. Now today marks another glorious day for Cam, as he has made his return to the Hip-Hop scene from his long hiatus with his and A-Trak’s powerful new single, Dipsh*ts, from their highly anticipated Federal Reserves EP, which is set to drop sometime this summer. It also marks the long-awaited victorious and powerful return of Cam and Dipset with Killa providing his usual impressive slick talking rhymes and Juelz Santana providing the hook that scoffs at the notion of The Diplomats relevance still today in music and Hip-Hop, declaring “It’s still Dipset, you Dipsh*ts!” With A-Trak, Oliver and Just Blaze providing the powerful soul-sampled, feel good and triumphant horns on the production that has that classic Dipset feel and sound and the powerful video in true Dipset fashion finding Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey making cameo appearances and Dame Dash, who’s executive producing the EP closing the track with one of his legendary rants that makes you feel like it’s 2003 all over again when the Dips where in their prime of their powerful run they had. And just like than if you think you had the summer locked you are sadly mistaken as Cam and crew with this powerful sure to be summer anthem, as well as the just as powerful video that director Ricky Saiz captures so perfectly with the Dips roaming the streets of Harlem like they own the place again look to have this summer locked in the way they did 2002 and 2003. Like many others who’s grew up on the Dips glorious days of running New York, Harlem and a lot of Hip-Hop, my inner teenage fan boy has me feeling like a teenager trying to emulate Cam and crew again with throwback jerseys and long t-shirts and I can’t wait to hear what else they have set for the summer and coming months.

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