New Music: “Airplanes” by Persia


It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the talent of Far Rockaway MC Persia. Realists out there that know the game understand the struggle she goes though in a Hip Hop game that rarely takes chances and would rather prep, package and push a female artist with sub par skills but commercially friendly looks over a great talent that they fear will be hard to market. This reality has never lost on Persia as she’s battled a number of personal issues to keep pressing towards her goal.

If you’ve heard her before then yes you know she can be hood, yes shes connected to the streets, she can give you raw and rugged with the best of them, but personally I’m glad that this track isn’t about that. Airplanes represents in my opinion the biggest show of growth and honesty that Persia has dropped to date. It’s radio friendly not because it’s watered down but because it speaks to a feeling we have all felt before. The desire to leave the pain of the present for the dreams and wishes of a better tomorrow.

If this is a sign of things to come them it won’t be long before Persia’s on that plane she’s hoping for. It may be taking off from JFk, LGA or Newark but she’ll be on her way soon.

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