How Dedicated Are You???

How Dedicated Are You???

We’re still in the first 24 hrs of life on the Dj Drama  x Lil Wayne Dedication 5 mixtape so due to my own personal policy of music needing reasonable time to exist, I ‘m not here give you a detailed review. The content is free so google it, take a listen and form your own view on it. Truthfully my only curiosity to listen to this was to see if post Kendrick call out one of the games current top players would pull anything new out of his bag of tricks. No such luck in my opinion.

Dedication 5 plays like a Weezy throw away session/Young Money B Squad compilation. I’m sure if you’ve had enough to drink, the tracks rhymed over on this mixtape would still get love in the club. Maybe it’ll grow on some of you or snatch you up on first listen but nothing moved me here. The content seemed tired and old to me but I will say that Wayne is pushing the limit for different creative metaphors for having sex with women….well played.

But let me not push you away from Dedication 5. I’m sure if you already ride with everyone’s millionaire gang banger and his YM team then you’ll love it.

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