Nas Is Must-See Performer For This Weekend’s Upcoming North Coast Fest!

Nas was a part of the inaugural North Coast Music Festival in 2010 alongside Damian Marley and now the emcee known as Nasty Nas returns to Chicago as a solo headliner for this year’s 2013 fest at Union Park for Labor Day weekend.

Coming off the most personal album of his career, which also happened to be one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums of his solo career with 2012’s Life Is Good, it’s only right that Nas returns to Union Park as one of the few Hip-Hop acts for the festival.  He has always said how much he loves Chicago and especially performing here.  Most of us here in Chicago love Nas and his music a lot too, so he’s the perfect choice to have perform.

Even at age 39 Nas is not only one of the greatest emcees alive, but one of the greatest performers as well and with numerous hits to his name including Nasty, and the very personal Daughters, Stay and Bye Baby from last year’s Life Is Good he is definitely a must-see performer you don’t want to miss this Saturday July 31st if you are attending this weekends North Coast Festival at Union Park here in Chicago.

The only real quip I would have about Nas is there’s a lot of times during his performances where he tends to forget lyrics and needs the crowd to help out.  Otherwise I would say his performances are usually pretty on point and if you have tickets and enjoy real true to the essence emceeing with great lyrical content to go with dope beats and rhymes than you should definitely go.  If not and you are in town, but don’t have 3-day passes and had to pick a specific day to go of the three I would say it would be best to go for the finale on Sunday though, when they have most of the performers I personally myself, as well as I’m sure many others really want to see perform in Wu-Tang Clan, Gary Clark Jr., A-trak, Danny Brown and Chicago’s own Pugs Atomz and Ill Legit.

Even if you can’t attend Nas’ performance at Union Park for whatever reason you should make an attempt to at least once in your lifetime attend one of his shows with how great of a performance he usually puts on.  Especially if you love to have a good time and have real good positive inspirational vibes afterwards.