New Video Raheem DeVaughn – Ridiculous

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R&B/Soul singer/songwriter Raheem DeVaughn’s latest very smooth soulfully ridiculous new single, the appropriately titled Ridiculous was already one of my favorite records and after seeing the video for the heartfelt romantic ballad I like the record even more.  Especially with the way the visuals really capture the way Raheem falls head over heels and shows his willingness to look like a fool for love with his leading lady on this very amazing Jerry Wood production. The wedding/baby-making type setting towards the end of the video with burning candles before hitting the pool and getting romantically involved really fits the songs timeless retro-type feel of 80s or 90s R&B that you can see being played in such romantic settings as weddings or even a night of love that could be a nice baby making type record for years to come too.  Raheem’s leading lady in the video looking ridiculously heavenly looking is a definite plus as well.  You can look for this on his upcoming highly anticipated A Place Called Love Land, which is currently set to drop in a little under a couple weeks on Sept. 3rd.

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