New Giftz – F*ck Em All feat. King Louie & Rockie Fresh!

Giftz - F*ck Em All single cover

My hometown of Chicago has been in the news a lot lately with all the national coverage of all the violance and therefore obviously how tough it’s to grow up in these Chicago streets.  What has gotten lost in the shuffle of all of this though is all of the incredibly dope music that has come from Chicago lately and in particular it’s Hip-Hop scene with this latest track from Chicago native Giftz that also features fellow Windy City natives King Louie and Rockie Fresh showing off that talent and how tough it’s for a lot of folks growing up in Chicago or it’s surrounding areas.  As the self explanatory track, F*ck Em All, that’s driven by the dark smooth keys, haunting strings and tough rattling drums of the dope C-Sick production finds all three showing off their incredible talents on the track and their own survival stories of how tough it was for them growing up in Chicago.  The track also serves as the first official single from Giftz’s upcoming Position of Power mixtape, which is set drop at the end of August.