Tensions Growing Between Legends Naughty By Nature

No relationship of any value exists without moments of stress but after decades of work its disheartening to see the current position of one of Hip Hops most influential groups. Internal issues have boiled over into public airing out as group front man Treach released the following statement.

“We never wanted to be the groups that couldn’t resolve our issues. Nobody is larger than the group. We always fit [Vinnie] in even if there wasn’t a spot for [him] to fit in. You will never see Vin do a Naughty show [alone], because he can’t. Me and KG [the group’s DJ and hit-making producer] can do this for the rest of our lives. I don’t work for nobody. I’ll never say never to nothing, because I’m a business man. For now, Vinnie is on a “grown man timeout.” -Treach

Coupled with a yesterday’s “Tall Midget” diss record it’s clear where Treach stands currently.

Vinnie has taken a more subdued approach but did get in what my be the most important point in this drama.

“I’m waking to drama. Spoke to my publicist. Silence is Golden. In the meantime Business 101: You can’t Fire the Owner ;-)” – Vinnie

Hip Hop can only hope this blows over as a disagreement between friends and not the end of an Era.

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