In the World of Rosay

By now most in the Hip Hop community are aware of the hot water Miami’s Rick Ross currently finds himself in. Lyrics from the Rocko song “You Don’t Even Know It” have the head of Maybach Music somewhat on the defensive for appearing to cosign (date) rape. It seems pretty simple to everyone that hears or reads the line…..clear to everyone but Ross.

“Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

You see, the reality is this. To a world famous rapper with money to spare, this world is very much a reality. He doesn’t connect that it’s wrong because in this industry that’s how these rappers are treating women. The lure of fame and money has gotten many an attention hungry woman in a situation that is less then favorable, but for the ability to be in this world of excess and pleasure many stay quiet and deal. No one is checking these men for their words or actions and as long as Ross is getting a check for what he does why would he really feel bad. It’s a vicious cycle and no one wants to rock the boat.

Even in his most recent “apology” you see he’s worried more about his corporate sponsors then the ugly message he’s out in to the world. And what’s with the hashtag on Lyric??? He still thinks that the absence of the word rape means he’s in the clear.
It’s good to hear that Talib Kweli voiced an mature opinion on this issue, but unfortunately the silence from others is deafening.

I don’t care if Rick Ross is 40 years old — he’s a misguided 40-year-old person. Rick Ross condoned rape in that song… and he should apologize. And his apology that he offered was unacceptable.

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