Done With The Fiscal Cliff……For Now

As the new year’s celebrations were coming to an end on the 1st of Jan, our oh so dependable congress was finally voting on and passing the economic deal needed to keep the tax levels of middle and lower class Americans stable. After waiting to the last possible second to complete this process, Republicans who are fully embracing their role of national villains, gave the needed votes after the intended $250,ooo tax mark the Democrats pushed for eventually ended up being a shade under $500,000. Yes the Republicans fought to the end for their wealthy pals. So it was all said and done neither side really did much but keep the status quo and guaranteed more fighting down the road.

There was an unexpected casulty of the minute fiscal dealings that is now erupting in the Northeast. The emergency bill for over 60 million dollars in aid for Hurrican Sandy relief was left on the floor without a vote. It was expected that the House would pass the bill yesterday but after the dealings of the Fiscal Cliff apparently they were too tired to “helping” people for the day.

At this point I have to wonder aloud, “What good do any of these people for us?”

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