Bilal Shares Personal Lessons of Professional Growth

As more and more musical quick hits pop up in the  industry, the fast track success stories often result in many an aspiring artist left in dust after that early success fades. Stories of gross over spending, abused credit and bankruptcy are quite common place. Singer/Songwriter Bilal broke into the game yrs before you could even vote and subsequently fell into many on the pitfalls I just mentioned.

Here’s an excerpt from Bilal’s recent sit down with Blackenterprise writer Tomika Anderson where he goes into detail regarding the lessons learned in the business. If you’re aiming for success within the musical field you would do well to check this interview out in it’s entirety.

“When I first started in this business I didn’t have the right people around me,” he recalls. “I learned I had to bring people around me to help me to show me how to manage my money, but then not rely on them to help save me. I learned I had to put a lot of that responsibility on my own shoulders.”

Self-reliance is especially important to him now that he is a father and husband.

“It’s all about my family now,” he says. “Most of my money goes to them: their  schooling, the roof over their heads –  their happiness.”

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