United States Sends Clinton to Middle East to Seek Resolutions


In Gaza City efforts to end a week-old crisis of Israeli-Palestinian violence has drawn in the world’s top diplomats with Pres. Barack Obama dispatching his secretary of state to the region today on an emergency mission. In addition to that the U.N. chief has sent appeals from Cairo for an immediate cease-fire.

On Tuesday, grieving Gazans were burying militants and civilians killed in ongoing Israeli airstrikes, and barrages of rockets from Gaza sent terrified Israelis scurrying to take cover.

From Egypt, U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said he came to the region because of the “alarming situation.”

“This must stop, immediate steps are needed to avoid further escalation, including a ground operation,” Ban said. “Both sides must hold fire immediately … Further escalation of the situation could put the entire region at risk.”

Quotes Via Yahoo News

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