The Final Debate

With under 3 weeks left until election day, tonight’s debate between Obama and Romney is the last opportunity for the 2 political figures to legitimately square off before the nation decides who will lead us into the next 4 years. This round of discussion will be heavily focused on International Issues. When you speak to many on the streets the level of priority given to international concerns is not as high as one may think. Many citizens only really worry about overseas issues when it directly effects them. More often then not the mind is focused on the domestic economy. Going into this evening’s matchup the President has a respectable list of International accomplishments in the “War on Terror” with the elimination of Osama Bin Laden as the crown jewel of his 1st term. The Foreign policy advantage is truly his to lose if he allows Romney to work the recent unrest in various middle east nations into a condemnation of his policies. We’ll see if tonights event has any surprises in store.

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