The Hip Hop Movement Across The Pond

Wu Tang Graffiti in Germany

Here at The Hip Hop Democrat we’re always looking to not only bring you the domestic issues effecting our society but also bring to the table a widened perspective that offers new ideas and options to our everyday norms. To acheive that goal we present a look into the growth and evolution of Hip Hop on a global scale from our roaming correspondant the Fly By Coco Latina.

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Is it a generational issue or is the hip hop industry becoming weaker by every dance track supposed rap song released on the radio? Yes it is clear to everyone that the Hip Hop game is not the same. Although change is inevitable for any genre of music in the industry to survive but do we have to be subjected to a man that claims he is the greatest rapper alive while wearing leopard leggings and green Uggs whom dominates the airwaves? Sure we can sit here and reminisce about the good ol’ days when we rocked to Big Daddy Kane, Talib, De La Soul, NWA and Tupac. Remember when we used to get so hyped and rock our heads to the great hip hop duos like Biggie and Mary J. or Nas and Lauryn? For goodness sake Lauryn Hill, Mc Lyte and Queen Latifah influenced the little girls that we were to bust a rhyme or two. Let’s face it, those times are not coming back. We can’t keep hoping that those pants will get any looser either.

Why should we limit ourselves to Hip Hop or any music for that matter only produced from America? If you haven’t noticed already there has been a huge hip hop movement rapidly growing just across the pond that puts the industry in the states to shame. For those true hip hop lovers, there is a choice of excellent rap artists and they hail from in Europe and Asia. For once we don’t have to sit and pray that our great and rare rap artists that we currently do have in the U.S. don’t sell out with their next single. Our great rappers are few and far between when it comes to exposure but what’s coming out of the wood works in Germany will make you bop your head. At Splash Festival, a three day hip hop festival in Germany where talents from beatboxing to rappers with a sick flow perform with authenticity. Flava Flav with Public Enemy performed at the festival last year and spoke up about the demise of Hip Hop in the United States.

“Hip Hop man, effected the culture over here, [it’s] so devastating where it is not leaving. You know what I am saying? Hip Hop is definitely here to stay. Back in the United States, Hip Hop kind of died out right now because of the brand new music being created right now. You got Lil’ Wayne, you got Drake, you got Nicki Minaj, you got whole bunch of great artists that’s making great records but it’s not Hip Hop.”

It’s not just occurring in Europe but a global hip hop movement has been making head way into popularity. Now it’s our turn to recite lyrics to a language we may not understand but that’s what Google Translator is for. What international artist will you listen to next?

Via Franchesca Benzant “The Fly By Coco Latina”

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