New Samsung Galaxy SIII Commercial

Today Samsung announced it’s AMAZING, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE and PHENOMENAL new handset, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Announced at it’s Samsung Unpacked Live Event, the phone has some truly phenomenal specs, putting the device, once again, leagues ahead of the competition(I’m looking RIGHT AT YOU Apple iPhone 4S). So, while I do my write up of the event, I thought I’d let everyone see the first Galaxy SIII commercial in all of it’s glory. And while this commercial is more for Joe and Jane Average consumer than the Geeky Tech Heads(like myself), it’s still a nice commercial that gets the point of the phone across. Take a look and let me know what you all think. And be on the look out for my write up of the event a little bit later on!

About The Author

Kamil M Abdullah has been a self proclaimed techie and bonafide smart phone expert nearly half of his life. Starting with the very first Sidekick(not necessarily a smart phone but close enough) to Blackberry to Symbian to Windows(Mobile & Phone 7) to Web OS to Android, he has used virtually every smart phone operating system. Kamil has also worked with computer programming in Bloomberg's Data Center and Backup Operations on their proprietary software. In his quest for further knowledge in mobile operating systems, Kamil voraciously devours any reading material on the subject he can find. Kamil is also a hip hop head to the fullest, having fallen in love with the art form from the very first "a hip hop the hibby to the hibby the hip hip the hop" and tr808 beat. He promises to use his vast powers and knowledge only for the good of mankind.