Thief steals gas from police car, posts photo evidence to Facebook

Criminals are not known to be all that bright. Case in point: a man who stole gasoline from a police car.  No, that’s not the stupid part. The stupid part was when he posted a picture of it to Facebook.

Of course, as Michael Baker, 20, said, it was just a joke. And after all, he only stole “a little gas.”

A little gas, or a lot of gas, it’s still a crime, and using a police car as the donor of your gasoline haul is probably going to irritate the authorities just a tad. The incident reportedly took place in Jenkins City, Kentucky.

“We was just standing there and thought it would be funny to take a picture and then post it on Facebook. I got a little bit of gas. I ain’t gonna lie but not much. I couldn’t get much. I tried but there wasn’t much in it.”

Joann Sandelin, Baker’s girlfriend, took the picture, and said “Yeah, we’re sorry, but it was just a joke. I mean if we was going to steal gas, we wouldn’t put it nationwide on Facebook. We don’t steal anyway, but we’re sorry.”

Baker spent a night in jail for the crime and was charged with theft by unlawful taking. Despite that, he said he was not sorry for what he did.

He’ll also be subject to a fine.

Although the picture is now gone from his Facebook page, Baker has taken the time to discuss the incident with his Facebook friends. He doesn’t seem to have learned anything from the experience. As he said to one of them, who asked about the picture: “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”