Hunger Games Feed Racist Hordes

After pulling in $155 million in 1st weekend sales you would have thought that things were all well as it pertains to Hunger Games and the fans of the wildly successful book turned movie. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. In the latest round of how ugly can America look, we get a series and online complaints via Facebook and Twitter towards the casting of Black actors in the film. In fact, to label these comments as mere complaints would be putting it lightly. We have here blatant racist outrage that a fictional character was not a particular ethnicity and actual admission to a lessened level of remorse for the death of a black child.

At the heart of so much of what’s transpiring in the country is the idea that a black life isn’t worth the same as others. We get more reinforcement of that with these comments. Interestingly enough, Hunger Games author Suzanna Collins has never specifically given a race to the the character Rue that so many are up in arms about. Collins actually depicts Rue as having “dark brown skin and eyes.” Yet that hasn’t stopped the rantings of some of the Internets users.

One such tweet read: “Sense when has Rue been a nigger.”

We’ll momentarily overlook the hilarity of this tweeters assault on proper English to accept the truth of this matter. We may never actually rid the world of bigotry and prejudice but at least via the Internets and the human desire for attention and self expression we can better expose the true feelings of those around us.

In a tale focused on the struggle to survive among children many people clearly missed the point while proudly waving their “Hate Flag” for all to see. I wonder how long they will survive now that their twitter screen names are out there with their ugly opinions. The weight of such notoriety is heavy indeed.

Enjoy the Spotlight….


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