When Will It Be TOO MUCH!?!?!? – Couple Gunned Down in Front of Kids

Tommy Brown and Thalia Rebecca Mook were shot outside their Hoke County, NC home.

Last month it was Trayvon Martin in FL , this past Saturday Shaima Alawadi in CA, and now that same day in NC we learn that married couple Tommy Brown and Thalia Rebecca Mook were gunned down in front of their kids. While playing basketball with his sons, concerned father Tommy Brown crossed the street to ask John O. Hill to stop shooting his gun for the safety of the kids in the area. Hill’s response was to cross the street and unload a rifle shot on Brown and sending the kids running for help. When their mother came outside, she too,was shot. Tommy was declared DOA and Thalia died later at the hospital adding to the recent body count of innocent American citizens. Hill was arrested after a brief standoff. 10 firearms were found in his home. He is being charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder.

John O. Hill Now being charged with Murder.

Minorities apparently have a larger bull’s eye on them than usual as this nation seems to take step by blood soaked step toward an ill fated “race war” destiny that so many people have predicted for decades…

OK, hold up. Let’s take a step back. As ugly as this is, it still remains the minority view point, more so, than the majority. America is full of good people of all races BUT, it can not be ignored that America’s ugly racist undertone is now on full blast. The prejudicial flood gates from a Barack Obama “Post Racial” presidency have been thrown wide open. These issues must be addressed head on and without the kind gloves that people attempt to soften the truth with. America was built on evil acts and in many ways, those acts, maybe a little more subtle, have remained constant throughout history, especially with how easy it is these days to get More Info on arms and ammunition, and weapons of mass destruction. At some point, you reap what you sow. That’s Universal law and it’s hard to imagine this social climate going too much longer before something bursts open. I’m not the one to run around screaming the sky is falling but I’m not blind either.

Open your eyes. Better yet, open your hearts.

“Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” -Michael Jackson