To Serve and Protect WHO? How the Sanford PD is aiding and abetting George Zimmerman

Words can’t describe the outpouring of emotion in regards to the Treyvon Martin incident that tragically occurred last month and yet has been resolved through the justice system. But who is to blame?

George Zimmerman is the obvious perpetrator of the crime, fatally shooting unarmed Treyvon Martin as he walked back home last month during the NBA all-Star Game. In this case, Why was he not prosecuted, even arrested for this public display of ignorance and neglect. That’s the deeper question, and one that remains unanswered.

The Sanford Police Department has shown a history of failing to successfully prosecute crimes when the victim is African-American and the alleged assailant is not. As a matter of fact this has happened multiple times, even a couple times when the son of a police officer has been involved. Even the City Commissioners of Sanford, FL have voted that they have NO CONFIDENCE in their police chief.

Yesterday the MILLION HOODIE MARCH took place at Union Square in NYC as an effort to take action against this injustice and demand that some form of recourse be taken. From that march good news has come as the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, as well as the FBI will begin investigations into Trayvon Martins death.

The Daily Kos currently has a petition to extend the federal investigation, also investigating the Sanford PD. Please Sign HERE!!!


Sanford Police Chief RESIGNS!!!!!


Source: Daily Kos