Million Hoodie Rally In NYC Demands Justice For Trayvon Martin

I woke up yesterday with a few things on my mind. Personal issues, family issues and others could have easily held my focus but in the midst of that I knew that this day truly was not about me at all. I got up, ate breakfast, showered and packed my back pack for the day ahead. After a great lunch meeting I started contacting folk for the event to come. We were going to rally. The news has now gone national on the murder of Trayvon Martin and the lack of an arrest by the Sanford Police Dept of killer George Zimmerman. People are tired, frustrated and angry that the justice that they pay to have provided is not equally and fairly administered. So Union Square serves as the meeting point for the masses. We heard from various speakers before the Parents of Trayvon spoke to us. Showing strength that I could only hope that I’d have, they thanked us for the love and support.

The rally would then morph and grow with part of the crowd marching south towards the Brooklyn Bridge while another group which I was within would head north to Times Square. Words will fall short to express the feeling in the air and I can only pray that this sparks something long lasting and effective beyond the “cause of the moment” that so many other tragic acts turn into. Many are turning a harsher eye to the “Stand Your Ground” weapon law of Florida. A law which Zimmerman CAN NOT hide behind as official experts on the matter have remarked that Zimmerman’s pursuit of Trayvon nullifies the protection of that right. No one is happy with turtle’s pace this is happening at, but hopefully at the finish line will be justice.



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