President Obama’s approval rating rises, leads all GOP candidates

No matter where you go in the United States, everyone has an opinion about President Obama. In the past, it seemed that you either love President Obama or you hate him, but as the months have gone on there have been more people cheering for President Obama than we thought.

While the Republican primary is heating up, the candidates have repeatedly shot themselves in the feet. With constant twisting of the facts and at times, outright lies, about President Obama and that direction he is taking the country, the majority of Americans have seen through the rhetoric from the far right and are coming around to see President Obama for who he is. According to the new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll, President Obama’s approval rating is now at 53%, gaining nine points in just four months. Americans also overwhelming approve of President Obama as a person with 74% of Americans saying they like him compared to only 19% who say they don’t. In addition to the rising approval numbers, President Obama holds commanding leads when matched up against the remaining Republican candidates. President Obama leads Mitt Romney by 10 points, leading 53-43 and leads Rick Santorum by 11 points, 53-42.

Republicans take any chance they can to throw President Obama, his administration and his progress under the bus, but it seems that Americans are looking past the dog whistle rhetoric of the conservatives and see what is really going on in the country: progress.

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