Celebrate Steve Jobs day this Friday October 14th

A grassroots movement has begun to make Friday “Steve Jobs Day” around the world to celebrate the innovative genius and co-founder of Apple computer who died Oct. 5. Organizers of the movement, who started the campaign before Jobs’s death, picked Oct. 14 because that’s the day the iPhone 4S is to go on sale. More about the memorial is reported in the San Jose Mercury News today.

The movement was started by people at a digital advertising firm in Atlanta, the Merc reports, who started the effort Sept. 23, about a month after Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. They originally planned it as a thank you to Jobs who brought the world the Macintosh computer, the iPod, iPhone and iPad among other products. With his passing, Steve Jobs Day is now a memorial, given that Apple does not plan to organize its own memorial for the man.

You can find out more about the event at SteveJobsDay2011 where people are invited to promote the event on their Facebook or Twitter pages and leave comments on the site of what Jobs and Apple products have meant to them. Public events are scheduled at places around the world, including: New York City; Minsk, Belarus; Glasgow, Scotland; and Manila, the Phillipines.

Participants are also invited to attend the events, many of which are being held at Apple stores, in the iconic Jobs uniform of a black mock turtleneck top and blue jeans.

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