Google/Samsung Accused Of Lying About Delay


Today was supposed to be, as they say, a day of days. Today was the day that Google and Samsung were supposed to release the highly anticipated Samsung Nexus Prime(or Galaxy Nexus Prime depending on who you ask). Then the unthinkable happened. Steve Jobs, tech visionary extraordinare, tragically passed away. So the Google/Samsung event got postponed. In a statement both Google and Samsung stated that it just wasn’t the right climate to showcase its new Android powered, Ice Cream Sandwich flavored beast. Most took this as Google and Samsung paying respect to Steve Jobs by pushing their announcement back. But Google and Samsung never gave a definitive reason for the delay. Then just earlier today, Eldar Murtazin, editor-in-chief of the Mobile-Review Blog and rumor monger extraordinaire, released this speculative bit of info via tweet(@eldarmurtazin):

“Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 are under question. Google removing some features which are subject of patent war. No timeline for this job”!/eldarmurtazin/status/123692498945187840

So now the tech sites/blogs and analysts galore are all in a tizzy(that actually happens quite alot nowadays. The “all in a tizzy”part). Some are saying Google and Samsung are being deceptive to calling them outright liars. “Well folks, I’m here to tell ya, there’s something else”, ($50 to whoever can tell me what classic musician had a movie out that contained that quote) Google and Samsung NEVER said it wasn’t about patents. They never said the event wasn’t postponed out of respect for Steve Jobs either. In fact, they never gave a reason for the postponement. It could be out of respect, which I firmly believe it was, even though they never said it was. That was all of the tech sites/blogs speculating and assuming because being speculative and assuming is what we do best. Well, assuming is what they do best because I NEVER assume. Mainly because of the whole ASS U ME thing. Though one site in particular assumes alot. Yes, I’m looking at you BGR!

But I do speculate. On occasion. And here’s one such occasion. If the whole postponement was in fact due to patent infringement, which Apple has a hard on for, don’t you think being that since both Samsung and Apple are in the middle of suing each other into oblivion that Google/Samsung would have been quadruple sure that their new device wasn’t infringing on any patents? Especially those of patent troll extraordinaire(my word of the day) Apple? Makes sense to me. I know if I’m the head of a huge tech conglomorate(and make no mistake folks, Samsung is HUGE. They don’t just make phones and TV’s. Google Samsung and you’ll see what I’m talking about) and I was releasing my be-all-end-all device to rack in those Holiday sales, I’d make damn sure that there wasn’t anything that could hold it back from being released.

That is, of course, unless I was paying my respects to the man who not only revolutionized both the computer and mobile industry, but was my most well respected adversary to boot(You think Superman won’t pay his respects to Lex Luthor when he passes?).

So there’s my take on the whole thing. Before you go posting someone’s unfounded rumor as fact, remember to get some actual proof first. While I’m sure Eldar Murtazin is a swell guy and all, he’s often proven way more wrong than right. And following behind anything that BGR posts… Well… They’re the FOX News of the mobile industry so proceed with extreme caution there.

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