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Welcome to the first edition of HHD’s Mobile News RoundUp. With this I’m going to try to bring you all of the relevant rumors  news in the mobile industry. So… Without further ado!… First up is:

1. The Let’s Talk iPhone Event

Let’s face it. This is definitely going to be the big news of the day. Starting in less than two hours, Apple’s iPhone event should have the whole tech world buzzing. Not to mention it’ll probably give Google+ a pause, bring Facebook to a halt and break Twitter in half. Apple’s marketing machine is second to none and this will be big news. It’ll run down details of iOS 5, iCloud and the next iteration of the iPhone. The Wall Street Journal was already reporting that Sprint entered into a whopping $20 billion dollar agreement with Apple for the next four years. An agreement that guarantees Sprint purchasing about 30 million iphones. And while Sprint won’t even brake even on this deal until 2014, that’s not really a big deal. Corporations enter into investments of this type that have no short term, but long term payback all of the time. Sprint will be just fine for those 2 years. Especially if what iPhone fanboy and tech site BGR is reporting is true. BGR is reporting that Sprint will have an EXCLUSIVE on the iPhone 5. In other words, only Sprint will be carrying this baby. Verizon and  At&t are being reported as carrying the iPhone 4S, and will get the iPhone 5 during Q1 of 2012. Not only is Sprint’s iPhone 5 rumored to have a 4 inch screen, but it will also be 4G capable. Verizon and At&t’s iPhone 5 will see LTE connectivity when it launches next year. This is HUGE news for Sprint and if true, could potentially launch the nation’s #3 wireless carrier to the #2 spot. And to top it all off, another rumor, which I first discussed  here, may even put Sprint’s iPhone 5 on sale as early as today(or later this week). But please remember, a rumor is a rumor is a rumor and should be taken with the largest grain of salt possible. But if that bit of news  turns out to be more than a rumor, well… You know where you heard it first. 😉
Rumored specs for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S as follows:

iPhone 4S Launching on At&t and Verizon:

A low voltage Apple A5 CPU (it won’t be the same as the iPad 2 chip, clock for clock).

Updated front and back camera sensors.

FaceTime HD in the front, 8-megapixel 1080p HD video recording in the back.

Multiband 3G Qualcomm chipset —North American & International GSM/UMTS/HSPA bands for AT&T and Global carriers, North American CDMA & International GSM/UMTS/HSPA bands for Verizon and Sprint.

NFC support.

Metal or “premium” plastic on the back case.

iPhone 5 Launching as a Sprint Exclusive:

Faster CPU.

Larger 4-inch screen, similar to LG’s NOVA display but with a higher resolution.

1GB of RAM. Slightly larger design overall, but thinner and with a larger battery.

32GB of storage.

iPhone 5 exclusive software and APIs (Assistant).

Dedicated Assistant button, possibly integrated with the new home button, “think gestures or a two-stage button like a camera shutter key).

That’s it for today’s roundup folks. The iPhone event is starting soon and I’ve got to get ready for that. After that, I’m going to play with my Android phone for the rest of the day to get this nasty iPhone funk off of me. Yuck.

See you guys around the web and remember to live(as the boss says) “your world in HHD“.

*HHD RoundUp pick courtesy of Zedge Wallpapers and Ringtones.

Thanks to the fine folks over at BGR for the iPhone 4S and 5 news. They may be iFanboys, but they’re alright by me.

Special shout out to my Sprint Ninja’s. If the release date of this week turns out to be true, first two rounds are on me.

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