New “Scarface” Movie In Development At Universal

All Scarface fans may be saying hello to thr bad guy again. is reporting that Universal Pictures is working on a new film for the “Scarface” franchise, looking to use the basic elements of the first two films produced in 1932 and 1983, respectively to create a new rags to riches, immigrant mobster story.

The move is sure to draw mass attention from the legion of fans of the Al Pacino-starring film, which featured the the Oscar winner as a Cuban immigrant who grows to own the Miami drug market.

I don’t think they should touch it but whos going to stop them. This year alone we have seen flops like “Conan the Barbarian” and “Fright Night 3D,” as well as a new “Final Destination” and “Scream” and I hear this fall we’ll get 80s classics, “Footloose,” and “21 Jump Street”. Hollywood needs to stop touching classics and just try to make new ones.


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