HP TouchPad Bargains Begin *UPDATED* With New Information


If you’re in the market for a low cost but high powered tablet and you don’t want an Android one and you don’t believe all of the iPad hype, HP has just the thing for you. Yesterday we covered how HP put its phenomenal webOS devices out to pasture due to abysmal sales(No doubt caused by HP’s abysmal marketing). But what about all of those retail outlets that are now sitting on all of those webOS powered TouchPad’s just launched? Can you say, fire sale?

The good folks over at PreCentral report that HP sent out a memo to its affiliates asking them to cut the price of the ill-fated TouchPad to $99 and $149 for the 16GB and 32GB editions, respectively. That’s one heck of a bargain for such a lovely device. In fact, it couldn’t be anymore of a bargain unless you were getting a five fingered discount. So if any of you, our beloved readers, are in the market for a top of the line internet tablet that easily matches the specs of the iPad or any Android tablet at below bargain basement prices, head on over to your local tech retailer and snatch one of these bad boys up. They won’t last long.

*UPDATE*- Reports are coming in that the TouchPad has sold out at Amazon and J&R.com. It’s also being reported that all US based Best Buy locations have stopped selling the TouchPad completely and returned the product. Best Buy Canada is still selling the TouchPad however, so those who want it may be able to get it from the Canadian website. HP is also refunding anyone who has already purchased the TouchPad at regular price. Contact the retail location where you purchased your TouchPad for refunding information.

*Second Update*

Best Buy has done a complete 180 about the ToucPad and has, in fact, decided to sell the tablet at the reduced prices. I guess they saw all of the news about everyone else making a killing and decided to join in on all of the fun. Some additional information:

If you bought the HP TouchPad from Best Buy after June 19th, you can receive the difference between what you paid for the tablet and the new sales price. If you bought it at a Best Buy store, you simply need to return to the store you bought it at. Those who bought it online need to call Best Buy.com support at 888BestBuy (888-237-8289).

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