AT&T version of the stock Android Nexus S now in stores

AT&T’s version of the Samsung Nexus S became official today (Sunday, July 24). That doesn’t mean it wasn’t official earlier, but it was only available for pre-order, and now you can get it in your hot little hands.

Earlier, it was available in unlocked form, but that version supported T-Mobile’s 3G frequencies, only. That meant that anyone popping an AT&T SIM in it would see it work just fine, but on EDGE only. Later, we were treated to the Nexus S 4G, but on Sprint’s CDMA and WiMax network.

The AT&T version of the stock Google phone is exclusive to Best Buy, however. So you can either head on over to a retail store, or you can order it online. It’s a very attractive $99 on contract or a less attractive $529 sans contract.

Although it’s missing the dual core processor that many other new Android phones are sporting, the Samsung Nexus S is a stock Android phone. Unlike other phones, there’s no UI layer like Sense, TouchWiz, or Blur, and thus the phone will be among the first to get the first port of a new Android version (remember that the Nexus One, for example, was the first to receive Froyo, and the second to sport Gingerbread, after the Nexus S).

It’s also the only Android phone (so far) to have an NFC chip built-in, for the Google Wallet service.

So, are you heading out to Best Buy right now, or buying via the link above? Or are you waiting for the rumored Nexus Prime, coming later this year, and perhaps on all four major U.S. carriers, as well


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