Casey Anthony being harassed on Facebook

Casey Anthony was released from jail on Sunday, and although her life is sure to be a media frenzy and already include tons of death threats, how would you like to be a 43-year-old Pennsylvania man named Casey Anthony? The answer is: you wouldn’t.

Casey Anthony not only isn’t the same gender as the famous 25-year-old Casey Anthony acquitted recently in the death of her daughter Caylee, he’s not the same race, either. After the trial ended, the African-American man began seeing hundreds of friend requests, messages, wall posts, and because his profile included his number, phone calls.

He said, “I can’t change my name, ladies and gentlemen. After the verdict that day, it went crazy. It was like everybody wanted to know and wanted to comment on this Casey Anthony situation.

“They were making comments about the verdict; who am I to take a child’s life. And then I’m sitting back like, excuse me? I’m not the Casey Anthony you think.

“It went from being comical and scary to just being outright, make you mad as … you know. Cause these people don’t even know you, they don’t have a clue.”

After the first few Florida area code phone calls came in, Anthony just stopped answering his phone. Hopefully, it’s not his cell phone number that he “publicized” on Facebook, as most people would hate to have to change that number.

Sadly, his family is suffering as well. He has two sons that also have the name … Casey Anthony.

There are dozens of Casey Anthony Facebook accounts. Many of them are spoof accounts, and some were put up in reference to the trial. Casey Anthony (the man) is experiencing the result of privacy settings that aren’t quite up to snuff. He could have made sure his information was only shared with friends. Considering the publicity over the trial, he probably should have been expecting this.

On the other hand, since most people include photos in their account, it’s surprising that folks didn’t look at his image and know the difference. Watch a local TV station’s video report in the sidebar.

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