OJ Simpson Planning to Confess Murder of Ex-Wife to Oprah? [Rumor]

OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown-Simpson

So the rumor is that the big O, got the other big O to confess to murder… Yes, Oprah Winfrey is rumored to have an exclusive interview with O.J. Simpson from jail in which he will confess to murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson. According to the National Enquirer, the interview is set to be filmed after Simpson confessed he killed the pair in self-defense to a producer from inside prison. Self defense? Really.. an ex-NFL player needing a knife for self defense from  a dainty Caucasian woman… I don’t know if that’s gonna hold up. This dude just needs to keep his mouth SHUT.

‘He told the producer:

“Tell Oprah that yes, I did it. I killed Nicole, but it was in self-defence. She pulled a knife on me and I had to defend myself”,

Source: Daily Mail