DMX Signing to Maybach Music?

DMX has revealed that Rick Ross reached out to him while behind bars showing interest in signing “Dark Man X” to his Maybach Music Group imprint. Speaking with VIBE, X explained that Rozay’s people sent a letter to him in prison with the intention of getting him on the label.

VIBE: You got major labels interested?
Yeah. Actually, Rick Ross’ peoples wrote me a letter while I was in here.

Yeah like ‘Yo we got a home for you. We’ll pick you up in a limo. Just come to Miami. Just come, we got you.’

Oh wow, have you thought about that?
I’m thinking about it. It was a good feeling. I respect him as an artist, and I would like to work with him. But he got the whole Illuminati thing going on.  I got fans who write me like ‘I’m glad you’re not a part of that.’ And I don’t know what it’s really about entirely. So it might be like a good thing.

That’s crazy man. Because I don’t know if you heard but right now Rick Ross is on fire. Maybach Music Group signed up a whole bunch of people. Wale, Pill–and they’re really doing it man. That would be a crazy power move if you guys joined up.
Yeah. I have respect for him and he expressed interest that he wanted to work with me while I was out. So I definitely want do a song with him, but I don’t know about the record label thing. I would have to see what his camp is like and feel people out.  I’m not the average artist.