Next-gen iPhone enters final testing phase

It’s looking more and more like that September next-generation iPhone (4S or 5) September launch is pretty solid, as is the fact that we’re not going to see a June refresh of Apple’s smartphone. The next-gen iPhone is reportedly now in final testing.

Among other details in the report: Verizon may not have FaceTime over 3G this year. Although iOS 5 can make FaceTime calls over 3G, Apple and Verizon still haven’t yet reached a deal.

In addition, Apple and Verizon still haven’t smoothed out all the kinks regarding support for iOS 5′s over-the-air updates. The companies will still have some time post iOS 5 launch, however, as iOS 5 will have to be in place before OTA updates can be deployed, anyway.

Also, iOS 5 still includes references two unreleased devices, codenamed N93 and N94, which may refer to the iPhone 4 models with A5 processors that Apple was giving some developers.

Finally, iOS 5 still references a 5MP rear-facing camera sensor. While it had been rumored that next-generation iPhone will sport an 8MP rear-facing camera, it’s also been said that the iPhone 4S or 5 will be minimally different externally. Whether or not that includes the camera remains to be seen.

At any rate, comparisons of the iPhone 4’s 5MP camera vs. other, higher-megapixel cameras showed the iPhone’s actually bested them in quality, so keeping the same camera wouldn’t hurt the next-gen iPhone. Certainly, the A5 processor and iOS 5 are more important to the new device, whether it’s called 4S or 5.