Flo Rida Arrested For DUI In Miami

Flo Rida was arrested in Miami this morning on a DUI charge. TMZ reports that he was pulled over at 3:30 am in his Bugatti and tried to convince the officers that he was able to drive. According to a witnesses:

When the officer tired to conduct a “walk the line” test — Flo told the cop, “Officer I can’t do this. I don’t feel I can’t walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let’s try another test.”

Not only was his BAC double the limit at .185, but his license was also suspended for not paying a traffic fine. Below is a picture of Flo partying last night. Does he look drunk to you?



Flo Rida has been released on $2,000 bail and a judge signed an order allowing him to fly tonight (Thursday 6-9) to Bangkok, Thailand, to perform several concerts, said his lawyer Christopher Lyons. The order requires Flo Rida to return June 16.

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