Tupac Coming to Life as Superhero

I guess Rick Ross and Meek Mill where right when they made “Tupac Back” .  The legendary MC is part of a  new project that  lands him in comic books. Titled the Comeback Kings, “ the comic book would embrace Tupac’s return to the stage as a superhero, alongside martial artist Bruce Lee, singers Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison and comedian Andy Kaufman.

The comic book has all these legends faking their deaths, only to return in the form of superheroes involved in crime-fighting around the world through a project called “Project Resurrection.” For the millions of individuals who are not convinced these are gone, this will only be fuel to their thinking about the return of their favorite icons, especially for Tupac followers.

Matt Sullivan, who created the comic book, says he recalls a magazine article in which Tupac was quoted as saying he wanted to play a hero for once. “I remember a Vibe interview Tupac gave late in his life, in which he said he was tired of playing drug dealers and wanted to be an action hero for his generation,” Sullivan recently explained to AllHipHop.

“That’s something I would’ve loved to see, and in ‘Comeback Kings,’ we make that happen.”

What fans can expect from the comic book is the storyline in which finds the “Resurrection Project” team attempting to stop an evil plot to create a Hollywood holocaust.

“Comeback Kings” is in stores now and retails for $2.99.

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