Gingerbread finally coming to the HTC Evo 4G?


The Evo 4G, is such an iconic device. It was the first 4G phone in the United States on Sprint‘s fantastic pin dropping network and my current mobile device of choice(which I won at the HTC New York Party/Event last year. Thanks HTC! Thanks Keith Nowak!). I use this phone for absolutely everything, including typing this very article, so its good to know that HTC and Sprint haven’t forgotten this beast of a phone when it comes to updates.

The long awaited Gingerbread(Android 2.3)update is scheduled(according to strong rumor and document)to hit on June 6th, making many an Evo 4G user who haven’t already rooted their phone, like me, very happy. However, starting as soon as June 3rd, you can manually apply the update by going to settings>system update>HTC software update. But only do so starting on June 3rd. If you choose not to, just wait until Sprint sends out the over the air(OTA)update on June 6th. Here’s what the update fixes/should include:

Natively video chat using the new Gtalk application.

fixes for the infamous SMS bug
fix for multiple Gmail account syncing

fix for a battery that refuses to charge anymore when discharged beyond the low battery threshold

A hilarious to all non-Spanish-speaking users fix to the SMS app that reads “Me instead of Yo in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish” (“Yo” means “I” in Spanish)

It is unclear if this update will also include the new HTC Sense 2.1 found on the upcoming Evo 3D and Infuse 4G, both by HTC, but I guess we’ll find out in a few short days now won’t we? Expect a full review from me once the update hits my handset.

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