Lookout Team Outs 25 Android Apps Infected With DroidDreamLight Malware


Not too long ago there was a malware app called DroidDream that wreaked havoc throughout the Android Market. The malware would be downloaded unknowingly by unsuspecting users being that it would be hidden within an app that was being downloaded. It would work when the device would receive a incoming call, stealing IMEI, IMSI, SDK Version, and information on installed packages and upload the information to remote servers. It was even able to update itself.  The malware was eventually found and purged by Google.

But just like poltergeist, its back. Now being called DroidDreamLight, because it no longer has the ability to update itself, this new version was found by a developer of one of the infected apps. He found it because he noticed a modified version of his own apk being distributed in the Android Market. He then reported this to the Lookout Security Team(Lookout is the #1 security app on Android), who then investigated. Lookout did discover that the app was indeed infected, and discovered that 24 additional apps were infected as well, effecting an estimated 30,000-120,000 users. Thankfully, users of Lookout Mobile Security are already protected from this malware and Google has stepped in and removed all of the infected apps from the Android Market.

As far as the infected apps are concerned, here is the list provided by Lookout Mobile:

Magic Photo Studio
Sexy Girls: Hot Japanese
Sexy Legs
HOT Girls 4
Beauty Breasts
Sex Sound
Sex Sound: Japanese
HOT Girls 1
HOT Girls 2
HOT Girls 3

Mango Studio
Floating Image Free
System Monitor
Super Stopwatch and Timer
System Info Manager

E.T Team
Call End Vibrate

Quick Photo Grid
Delete Contacts
Quick Uninstaller
Contact Master
Brightness Settings
Volume Manager
Super Photo Enhance
Super Color Flashlight
Paint Master

Here are some excellent tips, provided by Lookout Security, for keeping your device safe from malware:

Only download apps from trusted sources, such as reputable app markets. Remember to look at the developer name, reviews, and star ratings.

Always check the permissions an app requests. Use common sense to ensure that the permissions an app requests match the features the app provides.

Be alert for unusual behavior on your phone. This behavior could be a sign that your phone is infected. These behaviors may include unusual SMS or network activity.

Download a mobile security app for your phone that scans every app you download to ensure it’s safe. Lookout users automatically receive protection against this Trojan.

Sound advice indeed.

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