Chris Rock, Jerry Sienfield Talking About a “N*gger Bit” in Comedy on HBO’s “Talking Funny” [Offensive]

Caught wind of this new HBO special called “Talking Funny” which featured 4 highly respected comedians including Chris rock, Jerry Sienfield, Ricky Gervais and Louis CK. I will admit this was a GREAT piee all the way up until I was 15min into the video. That’s when it started getting a little “dark”. no pun intended.. well maybe a little.

Now THIS specific clip bothers me. I know it’s all fun… But I don’t think using the “N” word so loosely is right.. Especially when there’s a negative connotation involved. You can see Chris Rock gets kind of uncomfortable… I honestly think he should have deadened that a bit quicker.. Check it out…

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