The Come Up: Kids These Days

Chicago natives Macie StewartNico SegalJ.P. FloydRajiv Halim Vic MensaLane Beckstrom, Greg Landfair Jr and Liam Cunningham make up the neo-soul/pop/jazz group craftily titled KIDS THESE DAYS. At such young ages (17-20) it came as a surprise that the ensemble group could mesh together to form music that is refreshingly different than anything I’ve heard but at the same time makes me feel as if they have been on my ipod  for years. If this is the direction that pop music is headed in, then im all in. Check out their single “Darling” directed by Davy Greenberg for elephilms and let me know what do you guys think.

p.s. If you guys have a positive reaction, you can catch them at UIC forum tomorrow on friday the 13th or at Lollapalooza this summer august 5-7

shout out to manager Demo Salazar


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