Devin the Dude LIVE at Reggies Rock Club [Review]

This past Tuesday Ym and Knuckle Rumbler presented Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz at Reggies rock club. The Austin Texas native did not disappoint. The show started somewhat rocky due to some technical difficulties. Everyone waited in silence for openers, JR Blac, Ill Legit and Phillip Morris. The host of the night, Awdazcate, being quick on the uptake grabbed an enthusiastic fan and gave him the stage to freestyle a cappella , or Acapulco as Awdaz referred to it. The talented fan rocked the stage and drove up the intensity of the crowd, amply preparing them for JR Blac’s fusion of contemporary rap/classic hiphop, Ill Legit’s perfectly timed rhymes and Phillips Morris’s crazy ass. Throughout Morriss’s set I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry or be offended or if I should forget about thinking all together and just start jukin on the dance floor. I decided to go with all of the above. I think the phrase “eccentric stage personality” doesn’t do him justice. The second the Coughee Brothaz and Devin the Dude stepped into eyesight, a smoke cloud started formulating over the crowd. I guess they took the Dude seriously when he sang “do what you wanna do”.  The crowd turned into one big blob, bopping to the music in unison. I was pleasantly surprised by the Dudes lively performance, his songs are more mellow sounding on the recordings. Needless to say, the live show was poppin. The fans definitely helped with the shows energy by singing every word and dancing like marvelous fools (myself included). Shout out to fakeshoredrive and for more pictures of the show go to thehiphopdemocrat on facebook.

<3 Bianca <3

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