Flavor Flav Sued by Vegas Chicken Joint Partner

This guy and his chicken biz stay in the headlines. This time he is  facing legal action from his former business partner who accuses the rapper of cutting him out of a $30, 000 deal when they launched his fried chicken restaurant.

Tommy Karas claims he found investors for Flav’s Fried Chicken in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this year and was responsible for handling finances for the venture, which is due to open later this month despite the closing of its flagship spot in Clinton, Iowa.

Karas alleges the Public Enemy star found backers to make a $30,000 investment in the fast food joint, pushing Karas out of the deal.

According to Tmz, Karas has consulted his lawyers over the matter after Las Vegas Metro Police Department officials allegedly decided not to pursue the report he filed because “it’s a civil matter.”

We reported last month that Flav withdrew his name from the Iowa branch, accusing another business partner, Nick Cimino, of bad management.

With all this bad business going on when is some chicken going to be sold. SMH

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