The Breakdown: Fabolous – The Soul Tape

Loso looks to capitalize on the success of his previous mixtapes, There Is No Competition (1 & 2), with a new concept mixtape, The S.O.U.L. Tape. This mixtape finds Fab developing his introspective side and smoothing it out, all over retro soul samples. The question is: Can Fab take a smooth ride to mixtape success again? Check out HHD’s The Breakdown: The Soul Tape.

1: Pain – Decent intro with a clip of an old Tupac interview and verse over Pac’s track of the same tittle. Fab drops one verse to speak on his troubles of being a successful MC. Dope verse.

2: Wolves In Sheep Clothing – If you keep up with Fabs music then you heard this dope verse over Kanye’s Devil In A New Dress a few months ago. Paul Cain brings a little heat on the second verse. Good track more like a filler track tho.

3: Really Tho – Now this shit right here is that Funeral Fab. Catchy hook, slick punch lines & that cocky swag attitude. This is one of tracks you skip to when you pop the mixtape in. To many good punchlines. He even throws a jab at “Bad Girl Club’s” Natalie Nunn. Dope track.

4: That’s Not Love – Loso hooks up with Weezy for a track that seems a little out dated with a speed up sample as chorus. It even sounds like the old Wayne (He even said “I can’t feel my face”) Nice track but could of kept it.

5: Leaving You – Fab speaks on a past relationship. With another speed up sample as the chorus. Better than the last track, but its something bout Fab over these type of tracks that don’t sound right. Good track.

6: In The Morning – Fab goes in over J. Cole’s track. This is his type of track so there’s no need to say more. Dope Track funny ending.

7: Drugs (Do This To Me) – Smooth hood R&B track feat. Paul Cain & Broadway. They speak on unfaithful untrustworthy females. Dope track to ride to late night.

8: Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho – Back to the same flow from track 3. This time he brings Red Cafe along for this banger that is to sure to be one of the other tracks you skip to. Dope track.

9: Phone Number – Time to give Khalifa’s “Phone Numbers” beat a try. Two verse of shit talking and punchlines that would make you rewind the track over and over. Dope track.

10: Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside –  Fab, Vado & Lloyd Banks on the same track need I say more. Slow track that all three artists shine on. Want my advice listen to this track. Dope Track.

11: Riesling & Rolling Papers – He borrows Game’s “Like Father Like Son” beat spits a decent verse that gives us another one verse joint but something to listen to. Dope verse.

12: Slow Down: Fab is a master when it comes to verses about love and relationships and this track proves that. It feat Trey Songz but he only closes the song out with some talking & a short chrous. Dope track something to ride to.

13: Pay Back Music – Fab & Freck Billionaire flip Rozay’s “Maybach Music 3” for some pay back against there foes and haters. Good track.

{Bonus] 14: Look At Her (You Be Killin’ Em) Loso, Ne-Yo & Ryan Leslie remix his radio hit “You Be Killin’ Em” and give the ladies something to nod their heads to. Dope track (for the ladies).

The Soul Tape has a couple of bangers, but they are overshadowed by the songs that are just satisfactory . The recycled production Fab jumps on pales because what was already there was better than what he replaced it with and the original production isn’t as good as his last mixtape. But Fab stuck to the concept & its free plus there’s no DJ talking over every track. It deserves good rotation in your iPod but I don’t see anybody talking bout this one for to long. My favorite tracks are “Really Tho”“Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside” , “Drugs (Do This To Me)”  & “Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho”

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