New Mixtape: Fabolous – The S.O.U.L. Tape

Finally what you’ve all been waiting for (me included) Loso’s new mixtape  “The S.O.U.L. Tape”. Fabolous hosted a private listening session tape April 19 at the New York headquarters of  The Recording Academy and gave a few words about each song, which you can check out below with the download link.

Download Here

1. Pain / Fabolous / Produced by Santana & P-Thought

“Pain” employs the same sample as the Tupac song of the same name. A decent remake, but definitely drowns compared to the original from the late legend.

2. Wolves in Sheeps Clothing / Fabolous ft. Paul Cain

” Wolves in Sheeps Clothing” jacks the “Devil In a Blue Dress” beat made famous by Kanye West and Rick Ross. This time, Paul Cain, a frequent Fab collaborator, jumps into the mix to make a worthy showing.

3. Really Tho / Fabolous / Produced by Teddy da Don

“Really Tho” is the first original beat on The Soul Tape and its a winner chock full of one-liners, as is most of this work. Fab says to a female, “if you aint with a real n***a, then who are you with?”

4. That’s Not Love / Fabolous ft. Lil Wayne / Produced by StreetRunner

At the session, Fab quipped about Lil Wayne saying, “I don’t know if you heard of that guy,” which caused the room to explode into laughter. But, there was nothing funny about “That’s Not Love.” The song is the first true banger on The Soul Tape. All the heads in the room nod in unison to the beat. The pair go back and forth rapping eight bars each with a 4-bar soul sample between then. “Hustle plus muscle equals success,” Fab raps.

5. Leaving You / Fabolous / Produced by Sonaro

“Leaving You is an uptempo diddy driven by a hard-played piano. “To know a backstabber gotta turn your back to em” is just one quotable on this song.

6. In The Morning / Fabolous

“In The Morning” is a recreation of J.Cole, Drake-assisted song of the same name. Fab’s version fares well enough and will certainly wet the pallet of the female audience. “I want to kiss your face before you put make up on it,” he says to the imaginary girl on the song. “In The Morning” ends with a humorous shock conclusion.

7. Drugs (Do This To Me) / Fabolous ft. Paul Cain & Broadway / Produced by Broadway

Its unclear whether or not Fab and crew sampled Lil Kim’s “Drugs” or the original song by Soul Mann & the Brothers. Nevertheless, they freaked it well with both Broadway and Pain Cain riding shotgun. This is one of Fabolous’ favorite songs on The Soul Tape.

8. Y’all Don’t Hear Me Tho / Fabolous ft. Red Cafe Produced by Cardiak

Cardiak, the producer of “Start It Up,” crafts a very quality record that just happens to sound out of place on The Soul Tape. The people in the room like the song and lyrical excursion by Red Cafe and Fab.

9. Phone Numbers / Fabolous

Fab didn’t have “Numbers” with him.

10. Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside / Fabolous ft. Vado & Lloyd Banks

“Mo Brooklyn, Mo Harlem, Mo Southside” was a standout track, which Lloyd Banks stood out the most on. In fact, Banks dumbs out, but neither Vado or Fab were slouching. This is a reincarnation of AZ’s “Mo Money Mo Murder,” which featured Nas.

11. Riesling & Rolling Papers / Fabolous

On “Riesling & Rolling Papers” Fab gets real for a few and talks about the ups and downs of life. Nothing celebrity about talking about his son and fatherhood. To punctuate his point, he uses Game’s “Like Father, Like Son” to get his point across. “I write my best s**t on my worst day” – Fabolous

12. Slow Down / Fabolous ft. Trey Songz / Produced by DJ Swivel

“Slow Down” is a relaxed, soulful song about Fab trying to get a girl. A story. It resonates more authentically than the “In The Morning” freestyle. In the middle of the song, it changes tone into ethereal mix of chopped and screwed. R&B star Trey Songz brings it home with the hook.

13. PayBack Music / Fabolous ft. Freck Billionaire

Fabolous and recently freed Freck Billionaire do some old school “catching of wreck” to Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music.” The song is wrought full of humdingers and hot lines. Billionaire comes in late, but doesn’t quite take the song to the next level even though the feverish track is practically screaming for it. Fab doesn’t care though. He said, “I say f**k n**as and you won’t hear a pause.”


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