Ready or not, here comes the white iPhone 4: report

After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, those wanting a white iPhone 4 may be able to get their hands on it soon, according to a new Bloomberg report issued on April 14.  The report gave an estimate of a “few weeks” for the launch.

Apple has had difficulty getting the white version of the iPhone 4 out the door, and the company, always secretive, hasn’t officially said why. On the other hand, the company’s last public announcment about the device was that it would arrive in the Spring, which is right about now.

Additionally, in mid-March, Phil Schiller, senior VP of worldwide marketing at Apple Tweeted a reconfirmation that the white iPhone 4 was still coming this spring. He added that the device was beautiful.

A pent-up demand for white iPhone 4s can be seen in the popularity of DIY kits for white iPhone 4s, using white iPhone 4 parts from China.

Later, however, a report emerged that Apple had removed not just all the references and images of the white iPhone 4 from its site, but the SKU as well.

Originally, the thought was that Apple might eventually decide to cancel the white iPhone 4 entirely, since a Sprint introduction would only be a few months before the introduction of the iPhone 5, if Apple were to stick to its summer refresh cycle for the iPhone. However, it now appears that the iPhone 5 will not be introduced at WWDC, as was expected, and might arrive as late as early 2012.

Given that, a white iPhone 4 could spur demand in the period when purchases of the device normally drop, in anticipation of a new model.

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