Flavor Flav To Expand Chicken Franchise

Flavor Flav is said to be close to inking a deal to expand his franchise into Las Vegas.

The Public Enemy rapper – real name William Drayton Jr – recently met with executives from the Riviera Casino to discuss opening up a new Flav’s Fried Chicken inside the hotel, according to TMZ.

A deal has not yet been officially announced, but sources tell the website that an agreement will likely be reached pending the settlement of a sudden dispute in the negotiations.

The possible expansion into Las Vegas would mean that Flav would be opening at a second location months after Flav’s Fried Chicken debuted in his business partner Nick Cimino’s hometown of Clinton, Iowa.

PE frontman Chuck D supported the operation earlier this year by publicly praising Flav for pushing a product aimed at the African-American community.

He wrote on his official Twitter page:

“I give FLAV credit I rather him sell something most people EAT ..like why does Popeye Bojangles and The Colonel get automatic blackfolk?”