Lebron James Mom Arrested In Miami

According to a source on the scene, Gloria was leaving a party at LIV with her girlfriends when a security escorted her to the valet area. (It is Fontainebleau’s policy to provide their VIP guests with an escort.) When Gloria arrived at the car, she couldn’t find her keys but was told by the Valet person that they were in the car.

She grew angry and swung at the valet guy and swung at him with her purse, however, the bag didn’t hit him, so she slapped him in the face. The police were called to the scene and Gloria was taken into custody shortly after wards.

Source: Necole Bitchie


The valet driver victim of Gloria James’ personal slap session at Fontainbleau hotel in Miami that ended with her being sent to the slammer last night has been revealed.

Also the a picture of the police report has been released as well:

Source: Tmz