AT&T puts 3G iPad 1s on sale, for as much as $300 off

If you are willing to take last year’s model you can — if you hurry — get a 3G version of the iPad 1 for as much as $300 off its original price.

AT&T, while obviously pushing the iPad 2 as much as it can, given supply constraints, has just, apparently on March 18, begun selling the iPad 1 3G version (the only version it sells) for $429, $529, and $529. You are reading that correctly: the iPad 1 3G is $429 for 16GB, and $529 for both 32GB and 64GB. At that price, why bother with the 32GB model, if you can get the 64GB model?

These are not refurbished models, but are brand new, and are only available while supplies last.

AT&T is also waiving the activation fee, and shipping is free. That means a buyer can get a iPad 1 wi-fi + 3G model for as much as $300 off its original price ($629, $729, $829 for 16GB, 32GB, 64GB).

Those original prices are the same for the new iPad 2s at the same data storage tiers. However, will possibly saving a considerable amount of cash, iPad 1 buys will miss out on several new features, such as front- and rear-facing cameras, a faster dual-core processor, more RAM (512MB vs. 256MB) and a few other tidbits. However, considering current supply woes, you might just want to take what you can get.

Many have called the iPad 2 an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, update to the “magical” Apple tablet. Many others see the iPad 3 as a more extensive upgrade, worth waiting for.  That said, opting for the iPad 1, vs. the iPad 2, at these prices, may not be a bad choice.

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