Odd Future Billboard Cover Story

TwitPic: Matt Fastow

We brought you the cover earlier, now here’s a preview of the Odd Furture piece. Billboard is available on newsstands today.

Tyler, a skinny 19-year-old with a booming voice and a slightly gapped overbite, sits cross-legged on an unmade bed sheet in a Philadelphia hotel room. Over a tray of cinnamon sticks and a half-closed MacBook he gushes about his dreams (winning a Grammy Award) and heroes (Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes).

For hours Tyler remains tethered to one spot on the bed, yet he seems to be moving constantly. His imagination travels as he pretends to be a secret agent, or that the room’s furniture is slowly coming to life. He shows off a sketchbook filled with his brightly colored marker drawings of doughnuts and cats, ideas for clothing designs and chicken-scratch poetry. Flipping to a portrait of a seemingly jolly, fat-faced man he pauses.

“That’s a serial killer,” he says. “That’s Tom, he’s crazy. He looks nice, but that’s how they usually are.”

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