d 2 online pre-orders to begin at 1AM PT; in-store sales at 5PM local time

The iPad 2 launch has not been one of Apple’s best planned ones. In a way, we are sure that Apple has all its ducks in a row, but the fact that you couldn’t order pre-online yet has seemed to be a return to the days when Apple seemed to forced folks to wait until the “day of” to order online. Finally, we know the online pre-ordering details, as Apple dished on them on March 10.

Online pre-orders will be timed nationally. They will being at 1AM PT on March 11 (4AM ET). Apple added (as we already knew) that Apple stores will begin selling the device at 5PM local time.  There will be a host of other brick-and-mortar retailers selling the device, all timing their sales accordingily, including AT&T, Best Buy, Target, Verizon Wireless, Walmart and other select Apple Authorized Resellers.

Analysts believe that with the much longer list of brick-and-mortar retailers supporting the iPad 2 than when Apple launched the iPad, lines should be manageable. However, the lack of online pre-orders which would ship in time for a delivery on launch day may drive those who desperately want the latest “magical” device on the same day as launch away from online ordering and toward retail outlets.

Via: AppleMacRumors

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